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Tent, Dance Floor Wedding reception for 220 guests under a 40x120 pole tent with a Black and White Dance Floor and White Chivary Chairs.
40x120 Pole Tent

This is a beach view of the tent above.

Corporate Event

Corporate Picnic Event using 8' banquet tables and white/chrome folding chairs.
This is a pole tent setup on pavement.

The difference between a frame and a pole tent are:

  • Pole tents require center and side poles that holds the tent top in place.
  • Frame tents have a frame structure that holds the tent top in place.

  • Pole tents are usually setup on grass, however installation on pavement is possible.
  • Frame tents do not need as many stakes as a pole tent. If staking is required on black top, tents smaller than a 30 feet wide can be anchored with water barrels. For larger tents where staking is required, the holes will be filled after removal of the stakes. Without the need for center poles, a frame tent creates an open room effect.

Additional Information about frame tents:

  • Smaller frame tents can be used on a deck or on your driveway.
  • Typical frame tent used for a 2 car driveway is a 20x30.
Mini Lights and Dance Floor 12x12 dance floor with ambient lighting around the perimeter of the tent.
Tent Liner and White Padded Resin Chairs Tent liner draping from the ceiling of the tent.

White padded resin chairs for guest seating.
Ceremony by the beach Ceremony on the beach.
Ceremony and Reception 40x100 Frame tent for a Reception.
tent Same Tent as above.The Customer installed their own flooring.

Bridal tables on the left using 8' banquet tables with a white skirt attached.
Hunter's Hope Charity Event

Hunter's Hope Charity Event.

The main tent is a 80x120 pole surrounded by vendor food tents.