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This web page is for customers who have already received a contract and we required the following form to be completed.

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These terms and conditions may not be altered except in writing and signed by both the lessee and the lessor.
1.)   All final payments must be received the day prior to delivery.
2.)   If your deposit was made by credit card the balance due will be applied to your card the day prior to your event.
3.)   No personal checks will be accepted as final payment. Any checks returned will carry a $45 check fee.
4.)   Please call 585-266-4200 for any/all rental equipment difficulties 24 hours a day, every day.
5.)   Bob Spatola's Party Rental Inc., (lessor) may terminate or declare this contract void if the customer (lessee) violates any of the terms and conditions.
6.)   Lessee agrees not sublease, remove, sell or dispose of rented equipment.
7.)   Lessee use of equipment will be for legal purposes only and lessee agrees to pay any fines for illegal use of rented equipment.
8.)   Lessee assumes all risks arising from the use of rented equipment and understands that injury to customers and others and promises to hold BOB SPATOLA'S PARTY RENTAL INC. harmless from claims resulting from improper use of the equipment.
9.)   The rented items are insured only on the premises that the Lessor has indicated on contract.
10.) Lessee is responsible for any loss or damage caused to the rented items resulting from Lessee’s negligence.
11.) Lessee will return or have available rented items for pick-up at the time agreed or additional rental fees will be applied on a daily usage. Dance floors must be under tent at all times. Lessee is responsible for any damaged caused by floor not being covered. 
12.) Should the Lessor find enforcement of these terms or conditions necessary or have to recover any sums
Due.  Lessee agrees to pay all attorney fees, court costs or costs of collection.
13.) All linens including chair covers, sashes, napkins, and tablecloths are subject to dye lot variations. Two week  notice is required to cancel linens.  No refund will be given less than two weeks.
14.) Lessee agrees to return linen free of garbage and agrees that all glassware, flatware, and china will be returned in a clean condition and repacked in original containers.
15.) Lessee agrees that there will be no refunds on unused equipment.
16.) Lessee agrees to pay 2.5% per month late charge on all past due accounts following the due date of the invoice.
17.) A decision by the Lessor not to enforce any provision of this contract shall not constitute a waiver of other provisions, and if any provision of this contract is deemed to be unenforceable by a court of law, it shall not affect any other provisions of this contract.
18.) Lessee is not held responsibly of any act of GOD.

If you cancel your order for any reason, your deposit will be returned after a cancellation fee has been deducted.  Cancellation fees are based on the following criteria.                                                                        
10% of deposit held as cancellation fee, unless other fees apply (see below)
100 % of deposit held as cancellation fee within 30 days of event.
100% of rental fee will be held on any linen cancellation two weeks before event 
40% of tent rental cost will be held as cancellation fee within 30 days of event.

Thank you for your understanding

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